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Building mission-led brands for people and planet

Yo, I’m Jo. You must be? Let me guess….

A newly fledged CEO or maybe you call yourself an entrepreneur?


You’re building a business or social enterprise, you’re on a mission.


But your mission is not yet defined, nor your values or what kind of brand/company you want to be?


You need a clear story and proposition but you don’t quite know how to tell it?


Perhaps some structure a communication strategy?


You need the above to get funding, be seen and attract the best talent. 


Your ambitious. You want to build the best company. You want to go international. 


It’s relentless. Time is ticking. Time to get it right?

Diederik van Rijn,

Co-founder, Kernfarm

“Jo is a builder with an inexhausitable amount of energy and drive. For us a saviour in setting up and professionalizing our business."

Jorn Eiting van Liempt,

Co-founder, Seenons

“Without Jo's support, Seenons would not be where it is today. Clarity and implementation of a clear mission & values created the foundation for our business and strategy."

Marius Smit

CEO, Plastic Whale

“Plastic Whale loves Jo. Jo helped us created a solid base for all our marketing efforts. Moreover, her positive energy and humour helped the team get through some hectic times.”
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